We would like to inform you about the newly initiated program by LinkedIn which allows you to add CERTIFIED HIPAA SECURITY EXPERT (CHSE) certification details in your profile under the certifications category. Members with a certification on their profile get contacted on LinkedIn 6x more often – leading to more opportunities no matter in terms of jobs or as a service provider.

Please find below the following steps to add your CHSE certification to your profile with one click:

URL to add CERTIFIED HIPAA SECURITY EXPERT (CHSE) to your LinkedIn profile (click the following link to start the process):


As a reminder, when your users add their certificate to their LinkedIn profile, this is the information that will appear:

Company Name: HIPAA Training
Certification URL: http://www.hipaatraining.net/hipaa-online-course-anytime/hipaa-Security-training-chse.htm
License Number:
Start Date:
End Date:

To inform your network about your new certification, change the following setting:

On right side of your screen where certification is added you will see the following box:

Notify your network?

Notify your network: Yes

Yes, publish an update to my network about my profile changes.

This informs your network about your new certification.

Additional resources to help implement the button on your emails and website available at: