A developer organization created a “Platform-as-a-Service” offering intended to facilitate healthcare telemedicine session, data creation and storage in the Cloud, and contacted Supremus regarding HIPAA compliance examination for its product.

Our consultant had performed several HIPAA Audit evaluations of this type before and so engaged with the client to discuss its design and implementation process, as well as the relevant HIPAA requirements that would impact this type of product offering.

Our consultant evaluated their client’s design and development processes; its prospective provisioning model; its account management components and its planned security and privacy assurance measures.

Following a complete review of these areas, our consultant was able to advise the client on the needed design features that would be needed and all changes that would be required to enable the attainment of HIPAA-compliant operation for their offering, once completed.  The consultant was successful in assisting the client in making these changes in a cost-effective and minimally disruptive manner so that the offering would make its planned market entry on time, and be able to demonstrate to prospective clients that it had achieved a HIPAA-compliant product on which they could develop their healthcare engagement products.