Waukee, IA, March 5, 2019– To help a growing number of Spanish speaking employees in the United States, Supremus Group LLC, a HIPAA compliance solutions and training provider, has announced exclusive certification training for HIPAA employees in the Spanish language.

In a press briefing, the chief marketing officer of Supremus Group said, “We are happy to announce that the Spanish versions of our  basic level courses of HIPAA for Medical Provider, HIPAA for Business Associates, Group Health Plan HIPAA course and HIPAA with CAN_SPAM for Call Center is ready for release and available for purchase.”

For more information, visit HIPAA Spanish Training page.

The courses are divided according to the type of the organization they are working for and the cost of HIPAA Certification course would be $25 for an employee.

The major beneficiaries of the Spanish version of training courses can be the business partners of healthcare organizations having access to PHI, medical providers, Medical call centers and health plans.

To enable flexible learning, the entire training is offered online, so that students can access it from any location and according to their convenience.

Employees only need to spend one or two hours to get acquainted with the basics of HIPAA regulations.

HIPAA Training in Spanish is aimed at training Spanish speaking medical professionals to comply with section 164. 530 (b) (1) of the Administrative Simplification Law.

This is an accelerated learning program and it offers cost-effective learning and training for the Hispanic community and vendors who are outside the USA providing services to USA based clients.

These courses will assist Spanish speaking employees of hospitals and private clinics and various medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, psychologists, plastic surgeons, pediatrics, neurosurgeons, pathologists, chiropractors and anaesthesiologists.

The course will also help Spanish speaking the professionals working in medical billing, business process outsourcing centers, medical transcription and couriers etc.  Insurance brokers can also get benefited from this course.