HIPAA Certification: Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert

HIPAA Privacy Expert Course

HIPAA Privacy Training of Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert (CHPE) is focused on HIPAA privacy regulation and implementation of the privacy rule through policies, procedures, and gap analysis. This certification is for the HIPAA privacy compliance team members seeking extensive & in-depth HIPAA Privacy Training on privacy rules and the next steps for HIPAA privacy compliance. There is NO prerequisite for taking this HIPAA Privacy Training Certification Course; you can directly take this level without taking any other courses.
In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, ensuring compliance with HIPAA Privacy Training is not just a legal requirement but a crucial aspect of safeguarding sensitive patient information. We understand HIPAA compliance’s significance and are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive and effective training to navigate this complex terrain. We take pride in offering a holistic approach to HIPAA Privacy Training. Our program goes beyond mere compliance; it empowers your team with practical knowledge and skills to navigate real-world scenarios. Our HIPAA Privacy training is not just a checkbox exercise. We bring in seasoned professionals who deeply understand HIPAA compliance’s legal and practical aspects. Their real-world experiences add a valuable layer to the training, providing insights beyond the textbooks.

This HIPAA Privacy Training is recommended but not limited to:

  • HIPAA Privacy Compliance team members of covered entity & business associate
  • HR Managers
  • Head Nurse
  • Privacy Lawyers involved in healthcare
  • Office manager for clinics
  • Pharmaceutical company executives

We encourage individuals interested in this to call us so we can offer the necessary guidance on the most appropriate course for their career objectives.

We also recommend that if you are associated with the USA healthcare industry and have any of the following credentials, consider taking this HIPAA Privacy Training course, as it will complement your current credentials and enhance your knowledge on how HIPAA affects your company.

  • CHPC: Certified in Healthcare Privacy Compliance
  • CHRC: Certified in Healthcare Research Compliance
  • CCS: Certified Coding Specialist
  • CDIP: Certified Documentation Improvement Practitioner
  • CMM: Certified Medical Manager
  • CPPM: Certified Physician Practice Manager

Send us an email if you want to recommend any other certifications.

To understand how you can use the CHPE logo and certificate to help grow in your career, visit this page of How to use HIPAA logo and certificate to your benefit.

CHPE Certificate Test:

You are tested after you complete the full online course. You need to pass the 39 questions test (3 questions per chapter, 5 minutes maximum per chapter to answer the questions) with 70% to receive the HIPAA certification of Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert (CHPE).

This test is for 1 hour and 5 minutes. You get 5 minutes per chapter to answer three questions from each chapter. Once you start the test, you cannot stop it. This is a time-bound online test. You can take the test from anywhere and at any time. There is no need to schedule the test. Once you start the test, you need to finish it in the allotted time. If you need the timeline allotted per chapter, then the test will stop right there.

Test Passing Grade 70%
Test Format Multiple choice questions
Testing Center Time bound online test can be taken from anywhere
Test Time 1 hour 5 minutes (5 minutes per chapter) (13 chapters)
Retest Cost $150 for each attempt (Consider buying the unlimited exam option at the time of registration $150. This is available only when you register for the course. It cannot be bought later on).
Prerequisite None
HIPAA Privacy Training Certificate Validity 3 Years

Once you pass your test you can print out your certification immediately but if you do fail you will have to pay $150 to retake the CHPE test.

Retesting for CHPE test:

If you fail on the first attempt, you can take the second attempt without any waiting period. After you purchase the exam attempt, your test will be ready within one business day. We suggest taking the unlimited exam attempt option (only available when you register for the training course) if you don’t want the pressure of passing on the first attempt. After you complete the exam, the grade will be calculated based on the total score of all exam chapters.

HIPAA Privacy Training Certificate valid for: 3 Years

Continuing Education Requirements After Getting Certified:

All certified professionals are required to take Cyber Security Awareness For Employees within one month of getting certified. You can take this training before or after getting certified. If you are a cybersecurity professional, you can request an exception (provide the reason why you should not take the training and provide your cybersecurity certification credentials) to take this training but you will have to complete the test. 

Course Name: CyberSecurity Awareness For Employees

Description: OCR focuses on cybersecurity awareness for the covered entity and business associates after the FBI warned the healthcare industry. This continuing education course is needed for all HIPAA certifications (CHPSE, CHPE, and CHSE) professionals to maintain their credentials. This is a non-technical course, and anyone can take it. There are no prerequisites for it.

Students learn how hackers use social engineering tools like spoofing, Deceptive Phishing, W2 Phishing, Search Engine Phishing, Pharming, Spear Phishing, Whaling / CEO Fraud, Vishing, SMiSHing, Dropbox Phishing, Google Docs Phishing, Image Phishing, Piggybacking, Dumpster diving, Eavesdropping and many more on company employees. You want to be aware of threats around you with different types of Malware like Computer viruses, Worms, Trojan horses, Ransomware, Spyware, Adware, Scareware, Keylogger, etc.. The overall goal is to protect you from financial losses, identity theft, and damage to your reputation caused due to breaches of security by criminals.

Cost: Included with the HIPAA training cost. You need to buy a Certified Cybersecurity Awareness Professional (CCAP) certification exam if needed.

View Course Outline of Certified CyberSecurity Awareness Professional Certification Training

Once a year all students will have to go through one hour of an update course (normal cost $99), which will include relevant regulation changes and other OCR/HHS activities on compliance and enforcement.

To maintain your HIPAA Privacy Training Certification, you will continue taking updated courses when they are released. You will receive a new certificate when your certificate expires if you have taken all required updated courses. You will NOT be required to take any test if you have taken the updated courses regularly.

Certificate for Continuing Education Credits:

Students can buy a CE credits certificate for this course at registration. You will receive 15 CE credits for this course through the Approved Provider of California Board of Registered Nursing after completing the course.

Method of Training to get CHPE Certified

Training Options to pursue Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert (CHPE) certification Credential:

CHPE Certificate Sample

Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert Certificate


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