The word Supremus is a Latin name meaning supreme. Therefore, this should only further emphasize the level of our expertise in the services we provide.

Our main goal is to offer HIPAA Consulting, HIPAA compliance training, and HIPAA consulting templates. Our core objective is to offer our customers customized, realistic and affordable solutions for HIPAA compliance.

This means that the main goal of our HIPAA Certification Training and Compliance website is to assist different healthcare institutions on how to efficiently and effectively be HIPAA compliant using our wide range of services and products. Therefore, we offer HIPAA manuals, templates, compliance kits, compliance consulting services, and training which should make your efforts on being HIPAA compliant successful, cost-effective, and self-sufficient.

We assist a wide array of healthcare organizations, business associates, health plans, alternative medicine providers, and employers in their quest on being HIPAA compliant. Otherwise, regardless of the size of your firm or organization, you should be assured of finding a plan that fits your budget and needs.

Therefore, if you are a business associate of a covered entity we can offer you guidance, necessary support, and products to hasten your compliance needs.

The is one of the strongest teams in our company with the Supremus group spearheading and offering HIPAA training courses to different healthcare units at various levels. So far, our training techniques and approaches do leave us with a competitive edge in this field.

The organization was founded in the year 2006 with a mission to offer comprehensive HIPAA training programs that would assist healthcare entities to be up to date on compliance standards. As a result, we have broadened our mission to other streams of HIPAA Training by providing HIPAA certification courses on security and privacy at varying levels.

In case you are a business associate of a covered entity we can offer you support, products and direct you on how you can be HIPAA compliant fast. You can view our clientele base on (view client page) from different fields as well as testimonials from on (view testimonial page) which should be evidence of our expertise on HIPAA training.

Leaders in HIPAA Training:

Our training methods are tailored to meet the various needs of every entity level in the healthcare industry that is, new employees, professionals, and organizations. Some of these courses will include CHPA which is for those on entry-level and the CHPE, CHSE, CHPSE which is offered to people on higher levels. All these courses are available based on one’s availability, timing, residence, designation, and other factors. There are training courses that can be completed whenever one wants to depending on their availability and timings.

We offer three different training techniques which should be able to suit one’s availability, requirement as an individual or organization as well as role:

  1. The first one is the onsite training where one gets a chance to be trained on a one-on-one with the instructor in a classroom that holds up to 12 students. This is a perfect option for those who prefer training from a physical location and all one needs to do is spare 2-4 days of work.
  2. Then there are online training courses where the classes are conducted in real-time but via the internet. This type of training will cater to students from various parts of the world or those who cannot make it to the onsite training. This is can be done through the internet and phone. In addition, this type of training is also a good option for those who can make it to a classroom setting owing to the nature of their work.
  3. Then there is also an online anytime training program where you can do your online classes depending on when you are free and all you need to have is an internet connection, PC, and a speaker. The best attribute of this training method is that it suits someone with a hectic program or is not in a position to be trained and can only do self-study. It is quite economical.

In other words, it is up to you to choose the best training that is most suitable for you or suits your daily schedule.

Additional HIPAA Product and Services:

We also offer consultancy services in different fields which include:

We also offer HIPAA templates for organizations that would like to revamp their efforts to be HIPAA compliant without the assistance of a HIPAA consultant. Otherwise, we do offer comprehensive templates that will allow users to save time and money. Therefore, we do offer templates for:

Therefore, our training methods should direct you into paths that will keep you and your organization HIPAA compliant. We also offer support long after the training is over just in case you need any other assistance on HIPAA compliance.

So far, we have over 3,000 clients from Canada and the USA and business associates based in other countries such as Mexico, Columbia, the Philippines, and India among many other countries.

All we are saying is that we will help you achieve your goals to be HIPAA compliant without having to spend a lot and more so, we will offer any support necessary to help you stay HIPAA compliant.