Certified HIPAA Security Expert Practice TestCHSE, Certified HIPAA Security Expert is a professionally certified training course that deals basically with the “Security” aspects of HIPAA compliance training. This course is for individuals or organizations related to the US Healthcare industry who are already aware of HIPAA compliance and want to gain further knowledge of the HIPAA security rules and regulations at an expert level. This course is an updated version that includes the changes made during the HITECH ARRA Act of 2009 from the security viewpoint.

To those interested in this course, there are three types of training methods available so that the interested ones can complete it at their convenience and availability. One is instructor-led classroom training. This method is ideal for those who prefer training with a group of people with the help of an instructor; they can make themselves available for a couple of days. Instructor-led online training is perfect for those who cannot attend classroom sessions and prefer to learn under the instructor’s guidelines (with the help of online tools and voice process). Online anytime training is for those who want to complete the course at any time at their convenience (using a PowerPoint presentation).

Once the training is completed, there is a mandatory test that has to be completed to get your certificate. In this 85-minute test, you need to answer 51 questions (five minutes per chapter to answer three questions from each chapter) and need to score at least 70% to get yourself certified. To ensure the smooth completion of the course without any hiccups, we have come up with a few practice tests. The more you practice, the more insight you will gain into the subject and get yourself better prepared for the final test. Ensure to take up these practice sessions to boost your confidence and increase your in-depth subject knowledge before the final examination.

On the whole, this practice section of the course helps you to confidently take up the final test and complete your certification on the first attempt without any failure.

Happy training and all the best!!

Total number of CHSE Practice Test Questions: 180

Exam Format: Multiple choice questions

Practice Test Exam Validity: 6 months. You will not have access to online content after you complete the course.

CHSE Training Fees: $75


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