HIPAA Certification

Description: The Committee serves to review, revise, and manage the HIPAA certifications of

  • Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert (CHPSE)
  • Certified HIPAA Security Expert (CHSE)
  • Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert (CHPE)
  • Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate (CHPA)

The committee’s primary responsibilities include revising test items, writing new test items, working with the testing program manager to evaluate and improve the assessment process. Additionally, members will be working with the professional staff in overseeing the administration of the program and recommending needed changes in prerequisite and recertification requirements, subject to approval.

Committee Size: 9 members

Term: 3 years

Appointments per year: Varies

Online Virtual Meetings / Expectations: Committee will meet four times a year, and each member is required to attend at least three meetings. Committee members will frequently have access to confidential information and materials related to the testing program. As the integrity of the program is of utmost importance, each member is responsible for securely maintaining test materials and treating sensitive information confidentially.

Meetings. The duration of the session will be half a day conference call. The Certification Committee generally meets four times per year.

Assignments. Participation in the Certification Committee requires members to devote their own time between meetings researching and writing test items. Identifying source materials is as much a part of the process as the creation of new test items. Item writing can require a significant time commitment.

Confidentiality. In all respects, confidentiality must be maintained by each committee member. This refers specifically, but not exclusively to the test items. Furthermore, members of the committee are not permitted to know the identity of any candidate for the exam.

Participation in study activities and products. Because of their unique knowledge of the contents of the HIPAA certification examination, committee members are not permitted to be actively involved in study groups or in developing study products (e.g., commercial study guides, practice tests). This moratorium continues for at least four years after a member rotates off the committee.

Eligibility: New members are solicited from members who have passed the CHPSE examination. Interested individuals can contact us with their bio. Among the considerations in the selection of new members are educational background, experience level, size of the firm, areas of expertise, previous participation, writing skill, and geographical location.

All members of the committee will receive a FREE annual CPE credits course. Some members working on manual updates will receive new manuals at no cost.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the committee, then send your resume and your CHPSE certificate to Bob@hipaatraining.net