Use our Free HIPAA compliance audit checklist to see if you are compliant.

If you are not sure which training is needed for employees, use our guide on how to select HIPAA training for employees.

Then, use the checklist for HIPAA policy & procedures on privacy and security to see what is missing.

Lastly, do you have all the documents for the Contingency plan for HIPAA?

Please complete the following 8 sections which will give you the status of your HIPAA privacy security compliance.

  • Company details
  • HIPAA Privacy / Compliance Officer and Training (5 questions)
  • HIPAA Privacy Rule (3 questions)
  • HIPAA Security Rule – Administrative Safeguards (7 questions)
  • HIPAA Security Rule – Physical Safeguards (2 questions)
  • HIPAA Security Rule – Technical Safeguards (4 questions)
  • Breach Notification (2 questions)
  • Omnibus Final Rule (2 questions)

Take the first step toward achieving HIPAA compliance with our high-level audit checklist.