Testimonials for HIPAA Certification of Certified HIPAA Security Expert (CHSE)


The CHSE training has enabled me to better understand the business and regulatory challenges my clients face on a daily basis. Having this new depth of understanding of HIPAA security allows me to deliver solutions to my clients that address those business challenges vs. just solving an IT need.
Kathie Miley, Terremark Sales VP, Healthcare Cloud, IT and Security

I wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for the quality product from the Supremus Group. I had recently checked with some friends in the healthcare industry about HIPAA certifications and they pointed me to your website http://www.hipaatraining.net.  After spending some time on the website, I decided to purchase the Online Anytime Training and associated manual for the Certified HIPAA Security Expert program (CHSE). Well, I have to admit that I was a bit anxious going forward with this computer based training, but as soon as I received it I was pleasantly surprised! The online training is broken into real-world modules and chapters that parallel exactly what is being taught in the book. By using the combination of the two, I was able to pass my CHSE test on the very first attempt. I strongly recommend this course material to anyone who wants to prepare for the certification and wants to enhance their knowledge in the area of HIPAA security. I feel that I am now able to better contribute to corporate security policies, access control systems, and many documented procedures in a more-comprehensive manner after my training. Thank You Bob and Supremus!!
Thomas Coffy – CISA, CISSP, CHSE, Senior Engineer, IT Security Office

The anytime learning course offered by HIPAAtraining.Net allowed me to take the training needed for the CHSE (Certified HIPAA Security Expert) on my schedule. It provided me with the flexibility and time needed to understand the topics fully, and being online it allowed me to access the materials anytime I needed… It was like have a private instructor in my living room! I highly recommend the “Anytime Training” from HIPAAtraining.Net if you need to train on your terms and location. The material was complete and presented in an easy to understand format…
Ed Sorensen, Information Security Administrator

I would like to take a moment to express my thanks for your wonderful program, the CHSE course. In our ever changing world of technology, I was beginning to feel a bit lost in regards to the regulations and what meets the criteria of security of our electronic and digital PHI (ePHI) for HIPAA purposes. This course has really given me a lot of insight and understanding of how HIPAA security is applied in the realm of technology. It has expanded my knowledge in the areas of how security and privacy rules relate to technologies both in and out of the office (mobile media). It has also helped me work on a implementing a strong security policy, advanced safeguards and a comprehensive risk assessment plan for my organization.
Stephen Engel, Administrator

This product made the daunting task of documenting our policies much more manageable. The product was as advertised, of good quality, and exactly what we wanted. These templates are very thorough and complete. I can now tailor them to fit our needs. This will save a lot of time. I highly recommend this product.
Mahalo, Sam Erbe

When deciding on a HIPAA course to take I had reviewed a number of vendors offering a range of courses. I realized that for my needs, IT technical, I would not need a course that covered all of the transactions and other information that a practice manager would need. After careful consideration and a few conversations with Bob Mehta of the Supremus Group I decided that their CHSE course was a good fit. I took the on line version which enabled me to fit the training in at my pace and during times that were good for me. Running a business and a family was more taxing that I had originally thought. I was able to better work around these issues with the web based course. The course was thorough and detailed. I was able to obtain a practice test that helped me better prepare for the final exam. I recommend this course to anyone.
Robert Lane

The Certified HIPAA Security Expert training was phenomenal. Computer Based Training (CBT) is a great learning experience for me combining visual, audio, and hands on application using the practice exam. The CHSE materials were well organized, concise, and flowed logically for such a large amount of legal and technical IT information to understand.
Jim Czerwonka

TO Prospective candidates taking the Supremus Group CHSE course: Taking this course on line was not as easy as my ASQ certification as a Quality Auditor. It is demanding and I feel very worth your time and efforts. The structure and accompanying audio is very good in content and listening. I highly recommend it to people employed in the Medical field.
William E. McLinn

This was a great and informative course that provided extensive background knowledge on HIPAA requirements. The book and on-line instruction were invaluable in assisting our company to understand and develop policies that were applicable to the unique structure of our BPO projects. I highly recommend anyone seeking a more comprehensive understanding of HIPAA Security Standards to take this course.
Detra Jackson

A very detailed course that I would recommend to anyone interested in learning the specifics about the HIPAA privacy & security rule and its applications. Not an easy course, but well worth it. Thanks!
Lesley Van De Mortel

CHSE is the 1st course I have been on with Supremus Group LLC and it has been excellent, the trainer was able to adjust the program to my specific needs, and the study materials were top notch.
Justin Bowen

Time well spent studying and learning the standards and safeguards of HIPAA from a compliance, privacy and security perspective.
Chris Magalik

Course was comprehensive and thorough. very informative
Fred Nasserzadeh

This is a great class. I now have a much better understanding of HIPAA Security
Jerri Jones

Excellent and comprehensive material
Haitham Maryan

I really enjoyed the videos. Very well explained.
Magdalena Marut

Very good course, assisted me greatly with a better baseline understanding.
John Wyant

This was a very thorough course, and I like that I had the opportunity to speed up the audio. I appreciate all the information.
Eli Edwards

This course was very informative and educational. I appreciate all the content and information that was provided. Thank you.
Maria Ortega