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HipaaTraining.Net is offering HIPAA Training in Memphis area which is ideal for privacy security compliance officers, HIPAA Consultants, Auditors, CISCO, Attorney, HIPAA Privacy Officer CIO, Privacy Consultants, and others who need comprehensive training in Tennessee areas like Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville,HIPAA Training in Memphis Tennessee Chattanooga, Clarksville, Murfreesboro, Jackson, Franklin, Johnson City, and Bartlett.

HIPAA Training.net is a one-stop solution to obtaining the HIPAA Privacy & Security Awareness certificate for employees, Comprehensive training for core compliance team members, and for purchasing compliance tools and documents to achieve and stay compliant.

This is a simple, quick, and cost-effective training for residents in the Tennessee state counties of Shelby, Davidson, Knox, Hamilton, Rutherford, Williamson, Montgomery, Sumner, Sullivan, Wilson, Blount, Washington, Bradley, Madison, and Sevier. This training program will provide the information related to HIPAA rules about the use, security, and privacy of healthcare data, transmission, protecting PHI, and features of the most up-to-date available regulations.

HIPAA Training and certification needs to be completed by all its staff, faculty, and students within the allocated days of the date of hire as per your selected training course and annually thereafter. The content of the course has been updated as per the current HIPAA Privacy and information security regulations.

Why is HIPAA Training Required to Become a HIPAA Compliant Company?

There are 4 steps to achieve HIPAA compliance for a company:

Step 1: Training

Step 2: Create Compliance Manual for Policies, Forms, And Procedures

Step 3: Implementation of Safeguards to Protect Phi

Step 4: Remediation and Ongoing Audit

Step 1 Training will involve training all employees based on their exposure to PHI and their role in making the company HIPAA compliant.

Awareness Training (1 hour): is handled through our employee training for a company that allows you to offer training to your employees as a self-paced online training which they can take at their own pace and convenience. Students listen to the audio, view slides, and can take the course multiple times before taking the test. After students pass the test, the student can download PDF for the course completion certificate with a validity of 2-year for compliance record-keeping in case they are audited.

Each employee receives a PDF for their own HIPAA certificate immediately upon successful completion of the training.

Compliance Officer Training (25 hours duration): This is comprehensive training for an employee/owner who is designated as a compliance officer. This person is responsible for ensuring that the company is HIPAA compliant.  After the training officer shall have a better understanding and will be able to oversee all ongoing activities related to the development, implementation, and maintenance of the practice/organization’s privacy security policies and standards in accordance with applicable federal and state laws.

This course is comprehensive in nature as the job role requires it. There is no shortcut to this training just like if you want to be a doctor, can you take the 1-year course and become MD? Our Client list will show why we are trusted by so many companies.

Why Choose HIPAA Training and Certification Course in Memphis Area?

We will offer you the best and lowest price HIPAA Compliance Classes without any kind of hidden fees with a full guarantee. Not only that, but we will also provide you flexible schedule training classes by our expert trainers and instructors (training through WebEx). So, you can request either online or come to us directly for the training session and we will customize the training time according to the needs and number of students to suit your business requirement and learning objectives.

Benefits of using our courses:

  • Courses created by HIPAA Expert with practical compliance experience and security expert
  • You can receive CE credits for our HIPAA certification in Memphis, Tennessee through Approved Provider of California Board of Registered Nursing after completing the courses.
  • Three different learning methods are available to suit your learning needs
  • First choice of a compliance officer, consultant & auditors for professional-level training
  • Training offered based on job role – basic course of 1 hour to 24 hours for expert-level courses
  • Online Course with Audio and PowerPoint slides for easy understanding of content
  • 700 pages printed manual available for comprehensive courses
  • 24 x 7 Access from Anywhere for online courses
  • Online courses compatible with Windows, Apple, iPad, and other tablets
  • Instantly print or download Nationally Recognized Certificates
  • After passing the certification test, you can use the certification logo on your resume, profile, signature, etc
  • Complete compliance documentation manual kit available based on your specific needs
  • Option to create a customized course and onsite training options available
  • Group, university, and colleges discounts are available
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • You will get an instant free certificate upon completion of the online course; 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Free after completion of your course via your email id.

Course Details:

Our HIPAA training Memphis course will provide you with advanced competency in designing, administering, and implementing comprehensive privacy and security protection programs for all types of healthcare organizations. Our training covers lots of different parts related to HIPAA Privacy and Security Training due to the comprehensive course program. From this training you can able to learn about HIPAA:

  • Detailed information about what HIPAA means and how it can affect your company and make significant changes in procedures, policies, and processes within the organization in handling the records of all the patients.
  • Details of Federal Program to understand its meaningful use and incentives for adopting electronic health records.
  • Changes of HIPAA rules for the effect of ARRA’s 2009 HITECH Act and 2013 Omnibus Rule final changes.
  • Understanding the prospective use of social media, big data, and mobile technologies in healthcare with the privacy and security risks and challenges.
  • Need to identify the basic and main requirement of HIPAA to provide the continuity of health benefits to all the individuals with their jobs, so that they can understand the fraud cases in health insurance and healthcare delivery. It will also help you to make understand how to reduce administrative costs in health care and ensure the security and privacy of patient health information.
  • The Basics of HIPAA with an overview of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
  • Introduction of HIPAA & HITECH with a detailed understanding of who Business Associates are and what they need to do to ensure HITECH HIPAA Compliance.
  • Different Types of HIPAA Security and Privacy and Transaction Rules
  • Understanding the new Enforcement Rule
  • Learn how to prepare for HIPAA Compliance.
  • Hands-on Examination to watch how the effect of implementing HIPAA in the healthcare entities or organization and staff could achieve positive side and also monitor compliance with patient privacy needs.
  • Review Core elements of the security policy document for a healthcare entity.
  • Review specific requirements and implementation features within each security category.

HIPAA Training and Certification Program in Memphis can be of four different types. You can choose any of the four as per your convenience:

Instructor-Led BootCamp Training


Instructor-Led Classroom Training:

4 days HIPAA Compliance Officer Training: $2799. Includes $480 manuals & HIPAA Security policy templates: $495. (Additional Options to buy: Unlimited CHPSE® certification test: $360, CHPSE® practice test $99).

Virtual Classroom Live


Virtual Classroom Live One Student Class

You are the only student in this custom class of 4 days. $3299 includes printed manuals: $480 and HIPAA Security policy templates: $495. (Additional Options to buy: Unlimited CHPSE® certification test: $360, CHPSE® practice test $99).

On Demand Online Learning


Self-Paced Online Learning:

25 hours CHPSE self-paced online training and 1 CHPSE® certification test: $1299 (Additional Options to buy: $319.99 printed manual, $99 CHPSE® practice test, $250 two hours of Instructor support, $180 unlimited CHPSE® exam attempts)

Onsite Private Group Training

Private Group Training at your Location

1-5 days of onsite training as per your specific learning objectives and job roles of employees. We need a minimum of 5 students to participate onsite.

To get more details regarding training course and fees, you can call 515-865-4591 or also email to Bob@hipaatraining.net.

Upcoming Training Events:

Location: Memphis, TN

Course Name for Credential Target Audience Cost Dates

HIPAA Compliance Training for Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert (CHPSE) Certification (4 days classroom or Online Live)

•HIPAA Privacy Officer, HIPAA Security Officer and HIPAA Compliance Officer
• Core Compliance employees
• IT Professionals servicing Healthcare Industry
• Chief Information Officers
• Risk Managers
• Lawyers involved in healthcare
• Software Architect
• Business Analyst
• Team lead of software developers
• Health care quality assurance and risk managers
• Business Associates of Covered Entities
• Project Manager
• IT Auditors
• Senior Consultants
$2,799 Aug 19-22, 2024
Oct 21-24, 2024
Dec 9-12, 2024
Feb 24-27, 2025
April 21-24, 2025
Jun 23-26, 2025
Aug 18-21, 2025
Oct 20-23, 2025
Dec 8-11, 2025

HIPAA Security Training for Certified HIPAA Security Expert (CHSE) Certification
(2 days classroom or Online Live)
•     Healthcare provider & Payer security compliance employees compliance team
•     IT Managers
•     IT Staff
•     Security Auditors
•     Security Consultants
•     Security Lawyers involved in health care
•     Network Manager and engineers
•     Database administrators
•     Software Developers
•     Consultants who provide security advice to healthcare organizations
$1,500 Aug 21-22, 2024
Oct 23-24, 2024
Dec 11-12, 2024
Feb 26-27, 2025
April 23-24, 2025
Jun 25-26, 2025
Aug 20-21, 2025
Oct 22-23, 2025
Dec 10-11, 2025

HIPAA Privacy Training for Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert (CHPE) Certification
(2 days classroom or Online Live)
•     Healthcare provider & payer privacy compliance employees
•     Privacy lawyers involved in health care
•     Compliance teams for HIPAA Privacy
•     HR Staff & manager
•     Privacy Auditors
•     Privacy Consultants
•     Clinical physicians and office managers
•     Head Nurse
•     Privacy Instructors
$1,500 Aug 19-20, 2024
Oct 21-22, 2024
Dec 9-10, 2024
Feb 24-25, 2025
April 21-22, 2025
Jun 23-24, 2025
Aug 18-19, 2025
Oct 20-21, 2025
Dec 8-9, 2025

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