This is the most comprehensive HIPAA training manual for different HIPAA Certifications on Privacy and Security rule or self-study HIPAA training. This HIPAA book focuses on the Administrative Simplification portion of HIPAA and the Transactions, Privacy, and Security Rules defined within it. This guide contains explanations of the final Security Rule’s standards and implementation specifications in the areas of Administrative, Physical, and Technical Safeguards. Assessment tools, methodologies, and sample security policies that can be utilized to bring a covered entity into compliance are all included in the text. In addition, major networking protocols and technologies are discussed and evaluated in regard to their relevance to information security.

This manual is very helpful in understanding the HIPAA laws, their penalties, how to start compliance, etc. This HIPAA guide is invaluable for members of HIPAA compliance teams, HIPAA Privacy Officers, HIPAA Security Officers, project managers, network administrators, consultants, and anyone else involved in HIPAA compliance efforts of the organization.

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Table of Content of HIPAA Manual with PowerPoint

  • HIPAA introduction
  • Administrative Simplification
  • HIPAA penalties
  • HIPAA-related organizations
  • HIPAA terminology
  • Code sets
  • National health care identifiers
  • HIPAA, EHRs, and e-health
  • Planning for privacy compliance
  • Planning for security compliance
  • Scenario: Possible framework for compliance
  • Introduction to the Privacy Rule
  • Organizational requirements and relationships
  • Individual privacy rights
  • Notice of Privacy Practices and Authorizations
  • Uses and disclosures: General
  • Uses and disclosures: treatment, payment, and health care operations
  • Uses and disclosures: Public purposes
  • Scope of the HIPAA Security Rule
  • Threats to business information
  • Security terminology and categories
  • Administrative safeguards
  • Physical safeguards
  • Technical safeguards
  • Organizational requirements
  • Policies and procedures, and documentation standards
  • Security threats
  • Security technology options
  • Security awareness and training
  • Security incident procedures
  • Contingency plans
  • Evaluation
  • Business Associate Contracts and other arrangements
  • Privacy Rule physical safeguards
  • Requirements
  • Facility access controls
  • Workstation use and security
  • Specific steps – Physical security implementation
  • Requirements
  • Access control
  • Audit controls
  • Integrity
  • Person or entity authentication
  • Transmission security
  • TCP/IP network infrastructure
  • Firewall systems
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Wireless transmission security
  • Encryption
  • Kerberos authentication
  • Case study: Windows XP security
  • Requirements
  • Digital signatures
  • Digital certificates
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Threats, risk management, and policy
  • ISO 27002 security standards
  • Security policy considerations
  • Sample security policy documents
  • The Omnibus Rule
  • Moving Towards Electronic Health Records
  • Meaningful Use
  • Topic A: HIPAA Compliance Enforcement
  • Topic B: HIPAA Compliance Audits
  • Topic A: The Digital Universe
  • Topic B: Privacy and Security in the Digital Universe
  • HIPAA Security Rule standards
  • HIPAA Privacy Rule standards
  • Topic A: Course summary
  • Topic B: Continued learning after class
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