This product page is the main page for services available for Healthcare Providers, Payers and HIPAA Business Associates

Products and Services for HIPAA Covered Entities and Business Associates

We offer different products and services to help healthcare providers and payers and their business associates achieve HIPAA compliance. Products include HIPAA training and certification for individuals & companies, compliance templates for HIPAA privacy and security rule, and consulting services.

We have categorized our products into two main categories:

Products and Services for Covered Entities HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Training and Compliance Products which includes instructor-led the seminar, online eLearning courses. Templates include forms for privacy and security policies and procedures, contingency planning documents, and consulting services for risk analysis and audit.  All these are available for Health Care Providers (Hospitals, Doctors, Clinics, Psychologists, Dentists, Chiropractors, Nursing Homes, Pharmacies), Health Plans (Health insurance companies, HMOs, company health plans, Medicare, Medicaid, etc), and Health Care Clearinghouse.

Products and Services for HIPAA Business Associates Compliance

As business associates are required to now comply with the HIPAA regulations as per the HITECH Act and Omnibus rule, we offer training, templates, and advisory services to help them get a complaint.

There are many types of businesses that fall under the category of “business associate” under the regulation. These are business & individuals like medical transcription, medical billing, pharmaceutical sales representatives, record storage, insurance brokers, TPAs, software companies, collection agencies, attorneys, answering services, consultants, actuaries, medical device manufacturers, marketing, cleaning services, medical couriers, a recycling company and much more.

Texas House Bill (HB) 300 Training

According to this new Texas House Bill 300, it is recommended that workforce members working in the healthcare industry and directly involved in the activities that are covered under HIPAA must receive training every two years.