Texas House Bill (HB) 300 TrainingThe Texas House Bill 300 (HB 300) came into effect in the year 2011-12. It is also called “Texas HIPAA” or “HIPAA on Steroids!” due to stronger provisions and required controls.

As the 72 national healthcare providers surveyed indicated they experienced a huge number of data breaches and it has been found that most of the healthcare providers of all sizes appear not to take HIPAA seriously enough regarding individual health record protection. The HIPAA requirements included in HB 300 include the conditions of HIPAA with HITECH through 2010.

According to this new Texas House Bill 300, it is recommended that workforce members working in the healthcare industry and directly involved in the activities that are covered under HIPAA must receive training every two years.

We at training-hipaa.net help healthcare organizations that include both business associates and covered entities in providing HIPAA training to their workforce. We had just recently introduced this new Texas HB 300 training.

Texas HB 300 Course Overview

  • Texas House Bill 300
  • Potentially Extensive Impact
  • Purpose of Act: PROTECTION
  • What is Protected?
  • Covered Entities Impacted
  • Restricted Activities
  • Consumer Access to Records
  • Consumer Complaints
  • Notice and Authorization Requirements
  • Breach Notification Current Version
  • Breach Notification SB 1610
  • Required Training Current Version
  • Required Training SB 1609 Updates
  • Enforcement
  • Audits
  • Civil Penalties for Noncompliance
  • Additional Penalties
  • Example Violation Scenario
  • Scenario: Civil Penalties for Noncompliance
  • Scenario: Number of Violations
  • HB 300 Action Items

Length of course: 60 minutes including test

The online course login expires 2 months after receiving the login details. You will not have access to online content after you complete the course.

Type of License: One user license cannot be transferred after login is assigned.

Texas House Bill 300 Training Certification Test

Students are only tested once upon completion of the course and they have to reach a 60% pass mark from the 10-question test for them to receive the Texas House Bill 300 Certification. The exam can be repeated till the student passes the test.

The test normally takes 10 minutes and it can be taken multiple times till you pass the test. Once you pass your test you can print out your certificate immediately.

Sample of the HB 300 Course

To view the sample of course, please visit https://youtu.be/1X2oz8C1q5M

Register for HIPAA Overview with Texas HB 300: $45

If you have any questions, feel free to call us on 515-865-4591


I really enjoyed the course and look forward to using my HB 300 at workforce.
Marisa Romo

Great Course I thought the information was very precise
Augustus Edward Sueck

Excellent training with well defined aspects of the House Bill 300 and its requirements.
Angel D. Pagan Vazquez


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