The Supremus Group is now offering Expert Witness services for use in legal proceedings that involve questions regarding HIPAA, HITECH, and the Omnibus Rule. Such items would focus primarily on issues of privacy violations, cybersecurity program elements, incident response, breach events and actions, and other matters regarding the Privacy Rule and Security Rule of these regulations.

“Expert witnesses” are most often practitioners whose skills and experience qualify them to testify in a particular area. In various types of cases, attorneys often utilize expert witnesses during both the discovery and trial stages. These experts typically are called upon to provide testimony on a range of issues directly related to their professional experience.

Although expert witnesses are most closely associated with testimony from the stand, a high-quality expert provides value at every stage of litigation. The findings of an expert witness, for example, can aid attorneys in evaluating the merits of a case before proceeding to file a lawsuit. Expert analysis and testimony are also essential as your case progresses to discovery and, ultimately, trial.

The use of a correctly and well-qualified Expert Witness can make a massive difference in the process of a case being heard. Although there is no guarantee of a favorable outcome, the information and expert opinion of the Expert Witness will often shed important light on the issues. The expert will examine issues during the proceedings, offer alternative explanations, explain various actions and their causes and effect, and give the Judge and counselors of both sides new insights to consider in their strategies.

Our Subject Matter Experts are extensively experienced in these areas due to the thorough training they have both received and delivered, holding various relevant certifications they have attained, their own consulting experiences, and continuous efforts to follow developments at DHHS/OCR to ensure they maintain their currency of knowledge in these areas.

Should you ever find yourself or your practice being faced with legal issues concerning questions of HIPAA compliance, privacy violations, or cybersecurity program performance, call us. We have a select group of professionals that you can engage that are well-qualified in these areas to evaluate your situation, make assessments of the various points and conditions, and then make scholarly contributions to your case: from investigation and discovery to deposition and courtroom testimony.