This was a great course to learn about HIPAA & the policies and procedures that go with it!
Molly Wujczyk

This course was very helpful and is a great tool for companies and new employees.
Maureen Hicks

Really love how comprehensive and easy to learn was this course thank you
Adan de la torre torres

This training was a great review of procedures and policies relating to patient confidentiality.
Suren Chiu

Good and short, saved me a lot of time and money.
Jonathan Chi

Training was clear and helped meet my requirements.
Teresa Trinh

The training was helpful and useful.
Nancy Altamar Benson, Two Chairs

It was great information thank you
Ryan Haswood

Great! Very informative, useful info.
Dorothea Moore, Prosthetic and Orthotic Institute

Excellent program explains everything really well
Connie Black

I learned a good amount that I had not before with other HIPAA trainings.
Effie P.

Easy to understand, I learned a lot from this training
Paul F

Training was great! Learned so much about HIPAA that I didn’t know!
Kristina P

This was an informative course – I liked the quiz as well. Thank you!
Trisha M

Thorough and easy to understand
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This training was informative and provided necessary information.
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The training was great! Thanks!
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Thank you very much for the program.
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Pretty straightforward and easy to complete
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Very informal and direct. Thank you.
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Informative and straight to the point
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Good training. Would recommend for other agencies looking for a solid HIPAA training.
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Very comprehensive; well organized; fairly easy to follow
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Helpful and informative. Thank you!
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Information was present well. Thanks
Clara Loera

Such a great overview of HIPAA
Francisco Canela

It was a thorough and well done training that served as a good refresher
Molly Bigger

Such a great overview of HIPAA
Francisco Canela

Great training. I learned a lot
Diamond Griffin

Good training. Would recommend. slides and voice presentation were clear and concise.
Wendy C

The program was great. The speaker was very clear and spoke at an appropriate speed.
Esperanza H.

No concerns or questions. Everything went great
Griselda Lopez Segura

This is a great training! Love that I am able to watch when I have time and also able to take the test as many times as I want!
Sonia R.

The course was very informative and did an effective job at providing the necessary HIPAA information.
Christian O.

Thank you. The course was very thorough and I learned a lot about HIPAA regulations and policies.
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Training was great. I learned a lot. Thanks!
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I enjoyed learning about HIPAA and thought that the course was very engaging!

Easy to do from the comfort of your own home.
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Great program, very informative giving a quick understanding of HIPAA
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This was a very well informed course. The detailed information was easy to understand.
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The course was informational and a good refresher.
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It was extremely informative and helpful.
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Very informative and pointed out information that is easily forgotten
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Very helpful introductory HIPAA course.
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Very important training to keep confidentiality of clients.
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Helpful training that covers the basics of HIPAA.
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Lots of valuable information, covers all aspects of HIPAA
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