Small Business HIPAA Security Contingency Plan TemplateWe have created a Small Business HIPAA Security Contingency Plan Template Suite that includes a Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity suite for small businesses employing less than 50 employees. There is always a discussion about why does a small business need a Business Continuity plan?

The objectives of business continuity planning include minimizing interruptions to the business’s ability to provide its products and/or services, minimizing financial loss, and being able to resume critical operations within a specified time after a disaster. Business Continuity Planning (BCP) involves devising a plan that guards against business disruption in case of unforeseen events and disasters. Events include local incidents like building fires, regional incidents like floods & earthquakes, or national incidents like pandemic illnesses. A well-thought-out business continuity plan can mean the difference between your business’s survival and failure in the event of a crisis.

Business Continuity (BC) planning is a process of planning ahead to ensure that your business remains unaffected by events that would normally lead to serious interruption or even failure. It creates a plan that management and staff can rely on as a road map to get back up and running as quickly as possible eliminating/minimizing losses in the event of an emergency situation.

Benefits of Creating a Business Continuity Plan:

  • Meet the compliance requirement of government legislation.
  • Effective business continuity management can help businesses demonstrate that they are managing their business risks and so help to secure lower insurance premiums.
  • A business continuity plan will show your investors that you take the business seriously, that you are prepared, and desire to maintain productivity regardless of difficulty.
  • Having a BC plan can help get you more business. If you own a small business and hope to become a supplier or subcontractor to a Fortune 1000 company or certain government entities, you will quickly find that they require your company to have a BC plan before awarding you any contract.
  • A business continuity plan can significantly reduce your losses if ever you are hit by a disaster.

Our complete template suite for Business Continuity Plan for Small Businesses includes the following templates:

Business Impact Analysis

  • Enterprise Business Impact Analysis Survey – Short (15 pages)
  • Example – BIA Survey Short Version (13 pages)
  • Guide to Conducting a Business Impact Analysis (27 pages)

Department Recovery Plan

  • Department Recovery Plan Template (28 pages)
  • Guide to Documenting Department Continuity Plans (19 pages)
  • Example Plans – Accounting Recovery Plan (27 pages)
  • Example Plans – Corporate Communications Recovery Plan (25 pages)
  • Example Plans – Human Resources Recovery Plan (26 pages)

Disaster (Technology) Recovery Plan

  • Disaster Recovery Plan Template (47 pages)
  • Example – Disaster Recovery Plan (42 pages)
  • Guide to Documenting Disaster Recovery Plans (25 pages)

Data Backup Plan

  • Data Backup Plan Template (18 pages)
  • Data Backup Plan Development Guide (11 pages)
  • Example Data Backup Plan (19 pages)

Policy & Standards

  • Business Impact Analysis Policy & Standards (24 pages)
  • Department Planning Policy & Standards (23 pages)
  • Disaster Recovery (Technology) Planning Policy & Standards (35 pages)
  • Guide to Updating Policies & Standards (5 pages)
  • Risk Assessment Policy & Standards (19 pages)

Risk Assessment

  • Example – Risk Assessment Worksheet (15 Worksheets)
  • Guide to Conducting a Risk Assessment (21 pages)
  • Preventative measures (6 pages)
  • Risk Assessment Worksheet (15 Worksheets)

Strategy Documents

  • Contingency Planning Process (16 pages)
  • Selecting and Implementing Recovery Strategies (19 pages)
  • Types of Contingency Plans (9 pages)
  • Guidance for using Template Suite – Small Business (13 pages)
  • Project Plan Tasks (6 Worksheets)

Total Cost: $549

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