Covered Entity HIPAA Compliance Tool for More than 50 employeesSupremus Group has different HIPAA compliance forms and templates to help the covered entity get HIPAA compliant and jumps start your HIPAA compliance projects. Below you will find all the HIPAA compliance tools which will help your organization with your HIPAA compliance project requirements and save you a lot of time for your team and thousands of dollars.

Covered Entity HIPAA Compliance Tool for more than 50 employees Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
HIPAA Security Contingency Plan Template Suite ($1200)
HIPAA Security Policies Template Suite for Small Business Associate ($495)
HIPAA Privacy Policies & Procedures Template Suite for Small Business Associate ($300)
HIPAA Risk Analysis Template Suite ($495)
HIPAA Audit Templates Suite ($300)
Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert (CHPSE) Course and Exam ($1299)
CHPSE printed manual (regular cost $450)
Two hours Instructor support on phone $250
Unlimited CHPSE exam attempts ($180) OPTIONAL
Total value of the package $2,790 $4,089 $4,539 $4,789

Discounted cost for the package

$2,490 $3,642 $3,967 $4,237

We offer a checklist for your Covered Entity to determine their compliance status. If you want to check their compliance status, feel free to request this checklist by email:

We also offer HIPAA certification for Covered Entities and products used by the health care industry. Ask your Business Associates to attain these certifications for their company/product before entering into business with them.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliant

For details on how to achieve the HIPAA compliance seal for your company, services and products, feel free to contact us at or call (515) 865-4591.

We purchased the small business associate template suite for our business. It is extremely helpful in trying to figure out how to become compliant. We are not a doctor’s office, hospital, or even a third party medical biller – although any one of those may be our customer. We didn’t have anyone in-house who knew much about HIPAA laws and our attorney told us to look for some outside help. Outside help was extremely expensive – we decided to go with the templates from Supremus and although we aren’t through all of them yet, -it’s a lot!- – so far we are pleased.

Jay Merkins, Centron Data Services


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